Custom courses

Hydraulic course

It starts from the basics of hydraulics, analyzing components and describing their architecture and functions, with sample applications and exercises. Additional in-depth subjects include ISO symbology, circuit understanding, pressure drops and simulation.

Model and simulation course

By using SmartFluidPower library integrated in OpenModelica software, the course analyses the procedures for the modeling and simulation of dynamic systems.

The course starts with simulation fundamentals and their application to the Modelica language programming environment. Several exercises allow understanding of multidomain systems interaction. The final part consists in modeling a custom system suggested by the user.

Insights on Modelica language syntax and usage within OpenModelica. The course structure is adapted to customer needs. It culminates with the creation of an advanced model, with its parametrization, calibration through other simulation techniques (i.e. CFD simulation), and results analysis.

Interface design course

The course introduces VBA programming to create custom interfaces, by working on progressively more complex examples. The interfaces created aim to make the simulation tools easier to use – for example, by importing the results directly to Excel.

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