Model of vane pumps developed in OpenModelica

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In this paper, a 0D fluid dynamic model of a vane pump used to refill tanks with fuel is presented. The model is entirely developed in OpenModelica environment, where SmartFluidPower have created specific libraries of elements suitable for the physical modelling of fluid power components and systems.

Among the different approaches, the zero-dimension (0D) fluid-dynamic modelling of positive displacement machines is suitable to study many aspects as the fluid borne noise related to the flow rate and pressure irregularity and the dynamic behaviour of the variable displacement control. Well before the realization of a physical prototype, the model is useful to give indications on the impact of the design on the pressure transients inside the volume chambers and pressure and flow ripples.

The model of the vane pump is described together with the main design features that can be analysed in terms of their influence on the pump behaviour. The model has been created in a “parametric fashion”: this means that it can easily be adapted to analyse different design modifications, for example the number of vanes, the suction and delivery flow areas, the stator internal profile.

Overall, this approach in modelling allows to link the geometrical features of the machine with its dynamic behaviour and for this reason is particularly useful in guiding the design.

Besides the specific results obtained regarding the design of the pump, the paper also demonstrates the use of OpenModelica language and environment, and its efficacy, into the applications of fluid power modelling and simulation.