SmartFluidPower @Simulation Summit 2021

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Simulation Summit 2021 is the first Italian conference on CAE simulation in the industrial field, born with the aim of promoting engineering simulation and its conscious and effective use: the goal is to share experiences of practical use in a transparent and independent way through contents and presentations of a pragmatic-applicative nature.

The event was part of one of the approximately 50 conferences organized during the MECSPE 2021 exhibition in Bologna, an important occasion in Italy dedicated to innovations for the manufacturing industry, which includes more than 2,000 exhibiting companies and 48,000 visitors in each edition.

We participated with the presentation ‘Lumped-parameter modelling and simulation in fluid power applications’ which highlighted the typical problems of systems and components design and the solution proposed by us, through some examples on practical cases.

The main purpose was to illustrate how this type of modelling, which is applied to study the dynamic behaviour of engineering systems of any nature, is particularly suitable for the analysis of fluid power components and systems.

We noticed the strong prevalence of interventions regarding examples and evolutions of distributed parameter simulation methods (FEM, CFD, etc.): this allowed us to introduce our modelling technique in a more marked way and to highlight differences and benefit according to the specific problem faced.

The meeting proved to be an important opportunity to know the avant-garde in the field of simulation applied to engineering and to present our solutions to an audience made up of different actors involved in the product development and innovation process (users of simulation tools , designers, analysts, entrepreneurs, students, etc.).

Our final goal was to underline the important role of lumped-parameter simulation, enhanced by the products we have developed for the fluid power world, within a panorama of engineering simulations that is now indispensable to overcome daily challenges effectively and in less time.

During the conference we both created contacts with spectators interested in our simulation solution and found interesting ideas from the works proposed by the other speakers: in the future we will actively participate in this type of events with the fundamental purpose of spreading the use of our modelling methodology in everyday practical activities and, at the same time, to promote its integration with other types of simulation applied to specific cases.