GoBeyond 2021

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SmartFluidPower was a candidate  for the prize GoBeyond 2021, a call for ideas for organizations  who focus on a more sustainable future or the digital transformation of the country.

GoBeyond is a competition organized by the Sisal Group, with the aim of encouraging the development of new Italian business ideas, facilitating the transformation of a vision (an idea with a high innovative potential) into a value project (a company) through an approach of innovative execution based on the experience of a successful network of organizations.

The contest involves the selection of two categories:

  • “For a more sustainable future”: projects that solve problems of society, territory and people, generating a positive impact for the benefit of the community.
  • “For a technological and digital country”: projects that focus on technological innovation, in order to simplify the lives of people and society

We participated with the goal of competing with other innovative companies on a national level , and comparing our solutions within the fluid power industry  with a set of diverse solutions belonging to other sectors. Among the more than 240 startups that have applied in this 2021 edition, we are part of the short list of the best 20 entrepreneurial projects.

Through our application we have presented a marketing plan to best describe our simulation and consulting activities in the context of the fluid power sector. In addition to the description of the software products and dedicated services offered by SmartFluidPower, we have analysed the market we target and its recent trends towards dynamism and evolution, thanks to the strong appeal of energy saving: then we detailed how we intend to be part of this transformation, with marketing strategies and communication channels.

In the marketing plan we have also presented a S.W.O.T (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats) analysis to show strengths and weaknesses, the threats to the diffusion of our products on the market and the social impact of our approach: regarding the latter, the reconstruction of models virtualization of internal components and systems promotes the development and maintenance of companies know-how, with the direct consequence of an effective transfer of knowledge by expert technicians to new designers.

The document also exhibited a monitoring of the results of these first 4 years of activity which highlighted the correct forecast of the demand made at the time of establishment in 2018 (except for the year 2020) and a forecast of the target revenues, costs expectations and operating margin for the next 3 years.

The application ended with the planning of our future products, which concerns both the implementation of new features for the existing software tools and the creation of new tools, as well as  additional services to be included in the current offer. Finally, the expected future investments on all fronts were presented, from the online marketing platform, to expanding the team to increase the volume and differentiation of the projects developed.